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Closeup of a Black Dog

About Me

M O R G A N  B R O O M E

I am an animal lover and pet owner! When I was little I said I wanted to own a zoo because I fell in love with every living creature I came across (I am still that way!). To my dismay I found out that owning an entire zoo might be a litttleee bit challenging! Instead of owning my own zoo and loving and making a pet of every living creature possible, I paint and draw them! I am a pet and wildlife portrait artist! My background is in a variety of mediums, subject matter and styles but I have especially found an attraction to portraiture in watercolor, colored pencil and pastel! I am passionate about what I do. I find it quite rewarding to immortalize furry friends. Our pets are family but like everything in this life, eventually it must come to a peaceful close. My portraits offer tender comfort for those whose pets are no longer with them and joy to those whose are! I am so excited to bring your portrait to life and cannot wait to meet you!

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