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Past Commissions

The possibilities are endless with custom artwork! From elegant, to modern, reserved, or eclectic, from painting to drawing, let me design your perfect dream piece!

Chair Commission.JPG

Watercolor & ink
illustration printed on
canvas fabric

Wedding Floral Commission.JPG

Watercolor & mixed media florals

Gentry Commission.jpg

Chalk pastel portrait

Customs: Projects
Cocktail Commission 1.JPG

Watercolor & mixed media cocktail

Cocktail Commission 2.JPG

Watercolor & media cocktail

Customs: Projects

Personal Series and Works

Dive into My Portfolio

Iris Website.jpg


Found Object Portrait
3.5ft. x 4.5ft.

Look closely, this piece is made out of a multitude of found objects, from buttons, beads, Legos, string, and utensils, to bottle caps, toy cars, a remote and marbles.

Kerfwa Website.jpg


Found Object Portrait
3ft. x 4ft.

This work too, is a compilation of various found objects.

Shoham Website.jpg


Found Object Portrait
3ft. x 4ft.

This is the third piece in my series made entirely of black, white and grey objects.

Customs: Projects
Bear Print.JPG


Watercolor & Ink



Oil on Canvas



Chalk Pastel

Customs: Projects

"Grenouille Grande"

Chalk Pastel & Marker Mixed Media



Ink and Pencil Mixed Media

Customs: Projects
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