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It's time for me to work my magic!

Lets talk about pets! They are some of our most loyal companions, hysterical comedians, snuggliest buddies, hospitable welcoming committee after a long day at work and most importantly, they are part of our precious family! Creating their portraits brings me such joy and I know receiving your one of a kind piece will leave you thrilled! Some pet portraits are simply digital prints of your pet's portrait, but not mine! All of my pieces are hand drawn or painted. You will receive original, fresh off the press (or should I say hands!) work. I cannot wait to get started on yours! Keep scrolling for some helpful info on pricing and tips for preparing for your portrait!

Pet Portraits: About

Medium & price list




9x12: $400 ea

11x15: $450 ea


9x12: $400 ea

Colored Pencil

9x12: $450

Extra Pet

-Extra pets can be placed in an 11x15 piece or larger.
-$85 for each extra pet in a portrait


8x8: $100
Combination of watercolor, ink and colored pencils


5x7: $40
Fun & expressive piece created in ink!


Prices include shipping cost. If you are not in the U.S. extra shipping costs may apply.


Price varies based on detail. Backgrounds start at $50

Other sizes or specifics??

Reach out to me below if you are interested in something smaller or larger or have a
special request!

Paint Brushes
Pet Portraits: Causes

Want to place an order or inquire? Let's chat! Please fill out a message form.

Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries or commission requests, please contact me today!

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Pet Portraits: Contact

What I need
from you

  • ​When I am creating a portrait, it is helpful for me to get your input. If you have specific requests feel free to discuss them with me when you reach out so that I know exactly what you are looking for and so that I can ensure your satisfaction!

  • While I would LOVE to meet every client's pet to experience their unique personality, I am obviously and very unfortunately limited! I base my work solely on images provided, thus, it is important for you to send me supplementary photos so that I can capture their likeness and find one that will translate well when drawn or painted.I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a quality photo. The better the photos (aka, the more detail I can see) the better the finished result! That said, pictures that clearly show your pet's face are best! Click here for tips on capturing and picking the best photo!

Pet Portraits: Text


I would love to hear from you about your experience and satisfaction with your new portrait or Pup-parel!

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